All patients, including the hypersensitive or highly anxious patients with dental fear or dental phobia  ("dental cowards” - "dental chickens"), will always find a warm, friendly welcome from our dedicated, caring staff.  Your every need and concern will be addressed with deep respect and consideration.  If you are anxious, have dental fear or dental phobia you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Chao has been known over the years to adapt proven, innovative techniques for achieving anxiety relief and profound anesthesia  into his treatment of hypersensitive patients.  He has been teaching these same techniques at the USC School of Dentistry for more than ten years.  Additionally Dr. Chao is one of a select few general practitioners to have received certification from the state to administer IV conscious sedation,  along with oral sedation with medication and nitrous oxide.  Literally thousands of patients over the years have experienced and marveled at the “painlessness” of his techniques, regardless of whether the procedures involve root canal treatment , crowns, veneers, extractions, implant surgery, gum grafting, laser treatment, mini-implant placement, drill-less fillings or any other dental procedures. Dr. Chao uses the operating microscope to facilitate other minimally invasive techniques, such as air-abrasion for fillings, laser techniques in place of surgery and surgical placement of traditional and mini-implants. 

Accurate diagnosis allows for precision in treatment and minimization of discomfort and complications.   The latest  of our technological innovations, in the form of a  3-D cone-beam-computerized-tomography (CBCT) machine, has given a quantum leap to precision in diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions, such as periodontitis (gum disease), abscessed teeth needing endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), TMJ (disorders of the jaw joints), loss of teeth needing implant placement, oral lesions (tumors)  as well as screening for such medical disorders such as sleep apnea.    Dr. Chao also brings to his patients special expertise, knowledge and experience in the oral appliance treatment of sleep apnea and the use of mini dental implants for the stabilization of dentures.  He has been treating sleep apnea with oral appliances since the ‘80’s and has been using mini dental implants for hundreds of denture patients since the introduction of mini-implants in 2001.  Dental Phobia Rosemead   Dental Phobia  El Sereno Gum Lift El Sereno





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